New Friends


I do NOT schedule first time visits via text.  Kindly begin our acquaintance via email.  heavenly.luna@fastmail dot com 


In order to have a fully relaxed and enjoyable time together I need to feel safe and excited about meeting privately with you.


Options for Authenticating You:


1.  Provider Reference
Please email  me at  heavenly.luna@fastmail dot com  (this email will not generate an auto reply email)

and include the following info:


  • ~an brief introduction regarding the type of session that interests you.


  • ~a cell number, as well as a little about yourself


  • ~1 verifiable provider references with links to her current ads (include your mobile number you used to reach her and the name she knows you by) (Some providers prefer you ask them ahead of time about being your reference)


2.  Staying in a Hotel?

There is a screening option that is quick for your particular situation,  email me.


3.  No Provider Reference?
Include your work info: your name and a company phone number by which i can leave you a voicemail.  I can call with a blocked number for discretion.  I also keep a discreet & unpublished email address exclusively for receiving emails from work-related email accounts.


4.  If none of these options works for you please email or call me and we can figure out an alternative way to screen you. 

Old Friends 

(650) 530-0131

heavenly.luna@ fastmail dot com   is the most reliable way to reach me.


Plan head!!!  It might take 30minutes or a week to complete authentication but generally it can be done in a couple of hours (assuming your provider reference person is not on vacation and also not tied up with a lengthy session).  I hope that anticipation adds to your pleasure when we finally meet.  An un-rushed and languid attitude is best for a blissful and pleasure-filled touch session.




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