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Your skin has the capacity to feel intense and sustained pleasure while at the same time you feel deeply relaxed.    You are hard wired with this capacity for bliss-inducing pleasure, you were made to feel pleasure.  Let's explore how much pleasure you can feel.  A shared Sacred Shower together is a lovely way to start our visit and i am exquisitely good at prostate massage (if you wish it) and should you have the capacity for  EASY to achieve multiple eruptions, i am game. 


In a visit with me you will experience a mix of slow massage and slow light sensual loving touch all over your body. I slowly take you to your edge and repeatedly keep you close to the edge. This mix of massage and sensual touch brings a blissed out state of sustained highly pleasured relaxation. It's called sensual trance, as coined by David Schnarch in his book, Passionate Marriage.  You will feel as if time has stopped and you are floating in an amazingly wonderful pleasurable space.  This is a profound experience of surrendering to touch and sinking into your own body and it's capacity for pleasure and deep relaxation.  Technically what is happening is that you are releasing mind-altering endorphins and  hormones (oxytocin for one) and getting high on your own sublime chemistry.  I call it an in body out-of-body experience.  Praise the maker!  :-)  


After repeatedly 'edging' you toward your bliss you get to go over the edge and melt. Just let go and allow me to pamper you with my hands - skilled massage, sublime sensual touch, and my bright and affectionate presence.   I use my HANDS to create pleasurable reality shifts that will leave you smiling in the dark.   The entire focus will be on your body receiving pleasure.  All you need do is lay back and receive touch from my exquisitely skilled and sensitive hands.  in fact, the 'not doing' is an essential element of allowing more pleasure to be sensed and felt through your skin.


  • the session is entirely focused on you receiving sublime touch from me

  • No mutual touch - you get to relax and surrender completely and receive amazingly loving touch.

  • If you prefer a pamper session with less 'edging' or a more therapeutic flavor, let's chat, we can probably create a fit that works.

  • A shared Sacred Shower together is a lovely way to start our visit

  • Custom tailored to you ( prostate massage available upon request)

  • Multiple peaks OK as long as they happen EASILY

  • About me: i am a Renaissance Woman, in my forties and youthful, feminine and athletic,  cute and in-control,  intelligent and whimsical, with a postraduate education, and world-traveled.  

  • i am not an escort

  • body rubs only


If you are in any kind of hurry we are surely not compatible. 


Contact me for klixxon/Klixen-inspired Tantra-paced whole-body tender loving touch that will expand your capacity for pleasure.   I do not claim to be a licensed massage practitioner.


Luna's kinky offerings detailed here.... 


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