Touch As A Sacrament



Your life energy is wrapped in flesh and covered with SKIN, your largest organ, the source of unimagined and unexplored breadth and depth of pleasure.  Pleasure nerve endings cover your entire being, you were clearly made and meant for pleasure.  Pleasure via touch  is a sacrament and your birthright.  Imagine receiving super slow, deliberate, aware, transcendent, erotic and playful sensual touch.  Imagine you as the surrendered recipient of the full attention (skilled and creative) of a sensual touch artist.  Your body the canvas on which is painted a masterpiece of delight.  In your world, you are 'on' all the time, being in charge, being responsible, and making it all happen.  Come to my world, where i am in charge and this means that for a precious window of time, you get to surrender all care and stop 'working' and allow yourself the luxury of complete surrender to exquisite touch.  All that is required of you is to lay back, relax, and receive blissful touch.  Let yourself be pampered &  indulged.  Let my hands be the instruments of your complete relaxation and pleasure. 


Why visit with me? so many reasons.....

  • it is a necessity for basic health body physical and mental

  • it is a necessary luxury because life can't possibly be meant to  be all mundane

  • you  surely deserve it

  • you will smile for days

  • you will smile in the dark


I am an embodiment of sacred feminine energy, strong,  confident,  innocent, affectionate,  and athletic - with a petite  classic hourglass shape,  i know how to communicate with clarity and ease about touch so you will feel at ease.  i am masterful in the art of exquisite touch.    fbsm only.  i am not an escort.   My magic HANDS on you for truly Exquisite FBSM.   


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​Luna  Deva

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