Tie & Tease, Please

Lite Bondage & Edging-Focused Touch Sensation Immersion Sessions  & Klixxen Klixxon klixen


I offer sessions with a greater focus on edging.  I can include CBT of varying intensity per your request.  i can include light bondage.  I use only my magic HANDS.  Hands only. Did I mention that I only use my hands?


Your ability to relax and surrender into receiving all this intense pleasure and to let things flow is  fundamental to us enjoying our visit. Experience a mind-altering intensity of pleasure from my gifted hands.


I am inspired by the languidness and possibility of extended time.  If you are in any kind of hurry we are surely not compatible.  Living life most intensely happens when you can slow down enough to genuinely connect with the person in front of you, and really be present for  what you are sensing, feeling, hearing, and receiving. Yay for intensity!


I am NOT a dominatrix  but i am most definitely in control of your experience during an edging-focuse and bondage fbsm session.  Bondage optional.  We can cater your session to be entirely light sensual touch throughout.  Prostate health may be addressed per your wishes.  I offer CBT, Toys for Boys, slapping, tease/denial, edging, Klixen/Klixxon, and control of release.


Things i do NOT offer:  impact play, spanking and anything loud, fantasy play, role play, scenes, pee or poop play, foot fetish, 'worship' of any part of my anatomy, humiliation, strap-on/pegging, GS/water sports.   I'm all about exquisite TOUCH focused on you

My fetish is touching you  with my sublimely gifted hands.  Let yourself be touched into transcendent bliss.

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