• Luna Deva

The Green Man bests Jack Frost

The plum and pear trees are blooming in California, Winter is not a gracious loser but must eventually and soon give up the fight to allow The Green Man to come to the fore with explosive growth and surging energy to fuel all our creative efforts on this here gorgeous planet. February 2nd 2017 marked Ground Hog Day or Imbolc - a Gaelic and pagan calendar festival marking the start of the shift of energy from winter to spring. In Ireland it is celebrated by huge bonfires, light and warmth in homes, and mock battle between effigies of Jack Frost and The Green Man. The Green Man wins, of course.

watching hidden intimate nature scenes is one of my passions. the word passion seems hardly to apply, more of an obsession. it's character is more cool and serene than fiery. Watching icicles melt and make faint water droplets noises in the wilderness is deeply pleasing, i was there alone and i was there to witness this gorgeousness. nobody else will ever be able to remember that particular icicle melting that particular space of time, just me and nature, in mutual adoring contemplation.

Wishing you depth of experience and surging energy for all your endeavors for this year. Affectionately, Luna

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