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Easter - indubitably, it's about fecundity

Easter is a christian festival that celebrates the mythical resurrection of the faith's prophet, the christ. The holiday was blended with early pagan celebrations who's roots are deeply Pagan and earth/sun worship based some reaching as far back as Mesopotamia where myths about the goddess Inanna talk about her 6 months descent into the underworld and a resurrection after three days of death, bringing rain, spring, fertility back to earth. Our most recent connection to pagan origins of easter comes from German immigrants who brought their own celebrations of spring involving stories of male hares (rabbits) who lay colorful eggs for good children. The hare being a revered symbol of fertility and life. The early history of the christian church is replete with it's use of cultural appropriation to subsume local pagan traditions into christian observances, so since christ is said to have been resurrected the sunday after passover, an incident which could not have possibly avoid being conflated with other local pagan traditions of newly converted cultures such as those of northern Europe, like the Saxons, later to become Germany. As christianity spread, many other local and pagan traditions were to be folded in to the calendar of christian festivals. It was a successful PR and sales approach. So here we are celebrating a so-called christian holiday with the symbols of a rabbit (fertility) that lays eggs (fertility, life) made of candy (plenty).

Clearly the essence of this is all about the energy of Spring, the rebirth of the entire Northern Hemisphere, Growth, rebirth of plant life, animals mating and making new life, crops being planted, hope. In celebration of this blessing that happens to us unasked and undeserved every year i invite you to observe the holiday in a pagan way. Come visit with me and treat yourself to a surfeit of pleasure and sense of plenty. Heaven on earth is a real thing and it is a lived experience.

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