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River Goddess

I pilgrimaged to the mountains last week and went to one of my favorite areas up on Highway 4 near Ebbett’s Pass.  Part of why I adore this area is that there  are lots of places to access the watersheds of the North fork of the  Mokelumne River and also the Stanislaus.

They were long, sometimes mile-long stretches of river that had swimming hall after swimming hole and lots of mini waterfalls.  

This week I’m in The Southbay on Wednesday, August 28.  Then I’m off for a trip to the UK including an adventure pub to pub walking holiday.  I will still have access to email while I’m gone and happy to do initial screenings in preparation to see you and lay my hands on you.  in October.   I’ll be back in October most Wednesdays and Thursdays.  

Wishing you a magical end of summer and I hope you get time to be in nature and feel your life energy.  

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